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3D Archery Shoot

The Finest Groomed 3D Course in Southwest Michigan


  1. One Arrow Per Target- No broadheads-Target Points Only

  2. All 3-D archery participants must sign-in 

  3. Shooters must touch the stake to shoot

  4. Shoot in a timely manner. During peak times, please shoot in groups of no more than 4 shooters

  5. Slow groups are to yield to faster groups. Let them pass

  6. Do not shoot until groups ahead, are well clear of the target area

  7. Only one person allowed on shooting platforms at a time

  8. Anyone on the course and not a PPCC member must sign a waiver

  9. Please remember- SAFETY FIRST!


Blue:         Pro & Crossbow

Orange:    Hunter

Green:      Traditional

White:       Youth


Center Ring:                           12            

Kill Ring:                                  10          

Vitals Area:                              8            

Remainder of Animal:           5            

Miss:                                         0

$5.00 Members

$10.00 Non Members

Discounts for Whitetails Unlimited and Michigan Bowhunter Members 

Click on Flyer to download them and print them out

Image (33).jpeg
Image (10).jpeg

Slide show

Image (37).jpeg

Overhead view and coures outline


Thank you to Whitetails unlimited of Kalamazoo for donating three new targets

Image (34).jpeg
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